Ten Ways to Bring Poetry into Your Life

National poetry month is officially here! In 1996, the Academy of American Poets designated April as National Poetry month, serving to increase the appreciation for and awareness of poetry. Poetry— which is both an academic study and an art—sometimes seems to be lost in the shadows. However, several of the most important American thinkers and activists have been poets, such as Maya Angelou or E.E. Cummings. Poetry is an artform, a study, and a cultural sentiment that contributes to the bloom of beautiful diversity that the United States has to offer. In honor of National Poetry month, here are 10 ways to celebrate national poetry month in your community, and right here in Elmira!

  1. Attend the Community Foundation Regional Poetry Reading at Community Arts of Elmira on April 27 from 6p-8p.
  2. Share your favorite lines of poetry on your Facebook page.
  3. Celebrate Passover and Easter by writing or sending poetry to your family and friends who celebrate.
  4. Check out a book of poetry from your local or school library.
  5. Donate to National Poetry month.
  6. Try writing your own poem. Don’t know where to start? Poets.org has resources to help your begin.
  7. Attend the poetry slam at Barnes & Nobles in Elmira on April 14th
  8. Invite your friends over for a poetry reading.
  9. Watch one of these documentaries about poetry.
  10. Try to read, write and discuss poetry of all different types. Here’s a list to get you started: https://www.youngwriters.co.uk/glossary-poetry-types


So there you have it! As the warm air and beautiful sunshine brings a welcoming atmosphere, why not welcome poetry into your life? After all, poetry is for everybody!

Allison Woodard, Elmira College Intern, Class of 2017